Hot Girls on Motorcycles: Because They’re Awesome. (May 2010)

I know what you’re probably thinking-

“Wow, what a pathetic attempt to increase website traffic.  I bet there’s no news value in this post at all.”

And you’d be right.

But let’s face it, the internet needs more pictures of hot girls on motorcycles.

If you disagree, you can take your bad attitude right back to your new homepage.

It turns out there’s more diversity in the motorcycle babes category than I thought.

Pictures range from nice:

To hilarious:

I think I'd pull you over too.

To, somewhat less traditional:

Then there are some seriously badass chicks who can actually ride the things.

Might be the sexiest picture on here

Ok, that last one might not be ready for the Moto GP, but it’s a pretty awesome picture.

Even Kate Gosselin digs bikes.  Check out how psyched she looks to be holding on to that lovely slab of man that is Paul Teutul from “American Chopper”

Bet Jon felt a tug on his heartstrings when he saw that one.  Yah.

Nah he probably went to whatever bar these girls are at… which is exactly where I’m headed as soon as I finish this post.

In case you still haven’t got your biker babe fix, you’re in luck because I wasn’t the first person to have this idea.

Future Motorcycles has a gallery of Aprilia Girls you’ll want to check out, and has a “Babe of the Month” for your viewing pleasure.  You’re welcome.

It’s a good thing this bike is parked on a rug… because this young lady is not properly attired for the road.

And yes, you better believe you’ll see more girls on motorcycles here on  Why do you think I labeled this post with the date?

3 thoughts on “Hot Girls on Motorcycles: Because They’re Awesome. (May 2010)

  1. Haha, love motorcycle girls.
    This is a pretty cool site, are you the guy doing the “steering column” articles in the cynic at UVM? Fan of those too.

    • Yes it is, glad you enjoy the site!

      Check back often we’re always updating and expanding. We’re on Facebook/Twitter also.

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