Project Honda Express: One Step Forward, One Step Back

The Little Scooter That (Hypothetically) Could got some work done the other day, when Jeff and I finally had a chance to take it apart and peer inside its tiny little engine.

Carb barrel is literally the size of a quarter

The damn thing actually would start, the only problem is you had to pour petrol directly into the carburetor… and once the single-cylinder burned that up we were outta luck.

Assuming it was a fuel-delivery problem we took all the lines apart, ran Seafoam through everything, cleaned everything, and were ready to put it all back together…

Except for the fact that in the process I had lost a tiny-yet-essential part of the carburetor that ensures a steady flow of fuel.

It was in there somewhere...

It was a tiny, tiny little piece of metal… so light that I literally couldn’t feel it in the palm of my hand.  Which is exactly how I totally forgot it was IN the palm of my hand when I started walking around the garage and using my hands.  What an idiot.

We put the thing back together anyway and got some satisfaction; the thing ran long enough for each of us to take a quick buzz around the block:

But that was all the love the little Honda was willing to give us.

So we’re right back where we started… for now.  Time to hit eBay in search of carb rebuilt kit.

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