BMW Stays Hot With a Fire-Fighting Motorcycle

As if firemen needed any help getting laid, the Merseyside (England) Fire & Rescue Service just hooked themselves up with two firefighting motorcycles.

The big trucks will be retained for the serious conflagrations, but the idea behind these bikes is why send a huge fire truck that will clog traffic and guzzle fuel when only a small fire is at hand.

Deputy Fire Chief Hagen said that 62 percent of the fires they dealt with were small, and so this method seems like a good play.

For a six-month test period, the service will employ BMW RT1200s already tuned-up for police use now equipped with a 30 meter fire hose and tanks to carry 50 liters of water.

Rumor has it that sidecars for the firehouse dalmatian were ordered as well, but were cut when it was decided at town meeting that it would give the fireman a “completely unfair advantage while trying to score with all two of the non-ugly women in Merceyside.”

Check out a video of these bad boys in action here:

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