Euro V Emission Standards Killing “The Fast & The Cheap”

“The EU has adopted strict new caps on pollutant emissions from diesel and petrol cars, limiting in particular nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) which pose the most serious health and environmental problems.”

According to tree-hugging pussies, such as myself, cars are spewing all kinds of nasty into the air and will soon be the death of us all.

The European Union agrees, and recently they’ve set up some significantly stricter emissions regulations on new cars to be sold in the continent.

See the full statement on the new regulations here.

Europe had formerly enjoyed somewhat lenient emissions standards due to their love of fuel-sipping diesel engines.  But now that technology is progressing, even the dirtiest detonator (diesel engine) can be made to produce much less pollutants than their predecessors.

Unfortunately, a lot of the cars that will suffer are the cheapest, quickest new cars from Japan.

Hate the styling all you want, but the RX-8 is very modern and very fast for its astonishingly low price.  With a 9,000 RPM redline and a very forgiving traction control system, even your sixteen year old cousin could pull a decent lap time in one of these- and probably survive it.

This car will no longer be available in Europe, as rotary engines are terribly inefficient and polluting.  Probably part of the reason they never caught on.

Another victim of Euro environmental activism is the Civic Type-R.  While less cool than its earlier incarnations, the latest-gen CTR was another high-revving rocket that could be bought and maintained for relatively short money.

Doesn’t look inefficient, does it?  Most Japanese cars are very frugal on gas as well as emissions, but these high-performance trim lines share very little with their “econo-box” counterparts.  When the boys from the Rising Sun needed to make extra power, they naturally freed up the intake and exhaust flow- at the cost of increasing the car’s the environmental impact.

If you’re a European resident and you’ve ever wanted any of these, now’s the time to buy… pretty soon used prices will be through the roof.  And I’d keep my eyes on the status of similar vehicles like the Honda S2000, Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru WRX.

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