Fremantle Photogenics

Every travel article about urban Western Australia goes on about how underrated Fremantle is.  It’s worth reiterating just once, since I had never heard of the place before landing here.  It really is a cool place and I haven’t had a better cup of coffee Down Under than at Blink on High Street.  Freo’s a very photogenic town thanks in part to legislation requiring original building facades be left intact.  Take a look at some of what I’ve seen around town the last week or so.

DR-Z at Abandon Power Station

Look, rounded-corner buildings. And is that a BMW X1 I see?

Old building facade guards parking lot while waiting for re-purposing.

Beached submarine nods to town's nautical heritiage

Still a busy port: the Fremantle skyline

One thought on “Fremantle Photogenics

  1. Dear Spike:

    I have a thing for old architecture, provided the building can be preserved and that it can still serve a practical purpose. I could live without the first facade in this blog post, which has all the appeal of a Soviet-era honeymoon hotel. Architcure is the soul of country or a city. And stuff that was built with care in the 1700’s, 1800’s and early 1900’s makes a statement about the people who lived there — and what they thought was important when it came to building enduring statements. There is a small urban community about 10 minutes from here, West Chester, Pa, that went through an economic crisis shortly after the 1930s. This crisis was devastating to real estate and no new buildings were constructed. As a result, in 2011, you have a small city of unbelievable charm, with incredible restaurants and up-scale shops. Of course, the municipal goverment was at loss to find some way to aggravate trade, so they came up with parking restrictions that encourage visitors, art patrons, and other spenders to drive to Phoenixville, about 15 miles distant.

    Did you know that politician is another word for “dope.”

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

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