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Chase(s) Of The Day: “Torque”




I like where this is going.


After “The Fast And The Furious” made way too much money for Hollywood film producers, they decided the young and restless pre-driver’s license mall rats were up for the same thing all over again.

They were right, I remember watching Torque with my then fifteen-year-old friend and loving every second of it.

This clip is a long seven-plus minutes because it includes not just one, but every great scene from this movie.  This particular YouTube edition has some pretty funny “bloopers” pointed out, and a righteous battle between the Mountain Dew girl and the Pepsi girl. …just watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

And yep, that’s Ice Cube on the train.

Sexy Ladies & Logo Graphics… Eye Candy for Road Rovers

RoadRoving R8 & Friends

As you probably imagine, gets inundated with letters from modeling agencies and automakers begging us to let them participate in one of our famous fotoshoots.

So to throw them a bone, I’ll put some teasers out there for you Road Rovers to enjoy.

If you ever want to track these images down later, check them out in the “Wallpapers” page from now on.

Click on a picture to enlarge (your penis).  Enjoy:

Motorcycle Girls, August 2010

hot motorcycle babes

After coming across this image:

I felt like it was time for another homage to motorcycle babes.  Enjoy.

Until next time.


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