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Geely Crash Tests Prove Cars Must Be Built to Higher Standards Than Happy Meal Toys

That little gecko is NOT going to be happy.

That little gecko is NOT going to be happy.

As you may know, Chinese automaker Geely is trying to break into new markets around the world with their cheap, cheap, and apparently dangerous cars.

Independent tests in both South America and Russia “awarded” multiple cars in the Geely lineup Zero (0) Stars for frontal crash performance.

Hold up- South America and Russia?

The lands where cars like this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow:

gave them zero stars?

What the hell, Geely.  Is this some twisted conspiracy by the Chinese government to enforce the “one child per family rule” beyond the Bamboo Curtain?

You might be thinking, it’s a modern car made of modern materials — how unsafe can it be?

Well, watch this Volvo S40 hit something head-on at about 40 MPH.

Bummer, that guy got a face full of airbag and he’s definitely going to be late to pick his kid up from private school.  But it’s easy to see that the passenger part of the car is pretty much fine, I mean the windshield’s not even cracked!

Now watch this Geely CK1 do the same crash at the same speed.

Damn, kid!  Anyone stalwart enough to even survive that would be eating his General Tsu’s through a straw for the rest of his life at the very least.

Apparently the same work ethic that has produced billions of awesome plastic garbage toys does not have what it takes to build cars yet.

Now, loyal RoadRoving readers might recall a post from a few months ago saying that Geely had purchased Volvo — one of the safest cars on Earth.  So why hasn’t some of that Swedish mojo helped the Chinese cars stay in one piece?  Apparently the Swedes are keeping some secrets from their new corporate daddies.  If I were a Volvo engineer I’d be pretty nervous about getting dragged into a Chinese interrogation room right now.

Chinese Car Company buys Volvo; Swedish Execs Better Learn to Eat Meatballs with Chopsticks

Volvo Fumanchu

Ford has officially unloaded Volvo to the Chinese automaker Geely as of a few days ago.

Geely reps claim that the Swedish marquee, which hasn’t been independent for over a decade, will not lose any of its brand integrity or values under their communist rule.

Parts suppliers, European production factories and model lineups are expected to be unchanged for the foreseeable future.

So does this corporate shift really mean anything for fans of Volvo?  Probably not, since design staff and assembly facilities will be just the same old Swedes. 
It’s nothing more than another step in China’s unflinching march toward a world takeover. So relax.

Volvo’s upper management however, will be in for some akward meetings… what the hell are Li Shufu and Hans-Olov Olsson going to talk about at company parties?

At least socialism and communism are pretty much the same, right?

I for one hope the Volvo brand is around to stay; their subtle sexiness isn’t appreciated by everyone but their build quality is second to none and they have possibly the finest gauge clusters I’ve seen on a modern car.

Leaked draft of the new Volvo badge... might scare your mum away from the next generation of XC90's.


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