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Ferraris ‘A Fire


“Ferraris are hot, but they’re not supposed to be this hot”

Thought this seriously bummed out and stereotypical Italian when he fresh 458 caught fire in Paris.

Luckily his tight pants and Gucci shoes appear to have escaped the blaze intact… and I hope that’s the receipt from the Ferrari dealer he’s got in his hand. has reported at least ten 458’s catching fire in the last few months.  And oddly, it seems that the source of some of these fires remains a mystery.

Jeremy Clarkson seemed to like this car well enough on TopGear, calling it the prettiest Ferrari since the 308.  I’m partial to the Maranello myself, but this car sure does photograph well.  When it’s not on fire.

When Ferrari looked back on its blueprints, they realized the problem right away…

They obviously forgot to attach that little cheese grater on the lower right to anything.  Problem solved, check please.

In any case I hope they get these cars sorted out before I take delivery on mine next week.  I don’t want to get stuck driving my mum’s minivan to work again while my Ferrari is in the shop.


Fiberglassing a 944

944 no fender

Jeff Hattabaugh has been running Porsches for a while, this 944 is his second in the last year.  Unfortunately it’s still a bit rough, the front fenders being pretty dented up for starters.

Although he tried to remedy the problem with a slide hammer and some Bondo, the end result wasn’t to his satisfaction.

So he stripped the fenders off completely, and added some lightweight fiberglass pieces in their place.

Here’s the naked Porsche.  Is that an ABS pump I see tucked behind the wheel?

By the end of the day he had the thing pretty much back together, and looking somewhat less like something Mel Gibson would have driven in The Road Warrior.

Colors might not match yet, but at least it’s in once piece.

Hattabaugh’s hoping to use the new fender as a mold for carbon-fiber pieces, which he could fit to the car for an even lighter curb weight and much sexier look.

Seems like a pretty standard unbolt-and-rebolt, but Hattabaugh said the swap took a little tim.  “American cars are built to be taken apart, while German cars are built to stay together,”  he said “You have to be more methodical when working on a Porsche.”

Looks like he was up to the task, and RoadRoving will be watching his carbon-fiber skills closely as we may try to source him as the CF supplier for Project R3.


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