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Sunday Drive: Retro Ragtops Star in FIAT vs BMW


After a long day brainstorming business ideas, the call of the road became too great to resist.  By mid afternoon my associates and I gave into temptation and took to the streets a pair of retro ragtops.

There’s only so much inspiration you can gather in front of a computer, after all.

I sniped mum’s DSLR on the way out and got a few good images of my father’s FIAT Spider 2000 dueling with my good friend Ben’s E30 convertible around Cape Ann.

If you didn’t get a chance to hit the tarmac this weekend, we hope these frames will inspire you to get that winter project wrapped up and get on the road!

Even an E30 looks big parked next to Pininfarina’s tiny Italian.

FIAT’s Back, and Beautiful


After a long two months of great convertible weather passed, Nino finally relinquished dad’s FIAT Spider 2000.

While it still may not be perfect, it sure looks good.

We decided to immortalize it while we could, before some jackass in the Crosby’s parking lot opens the door of their QX56 too close and squashes it.

These photos were taken at Castle Hill in Ipswich, MA.  If only my camera were a bit sharper…

It sure looks like 1980 around here!

Couldn't let the GS get too jealous.

FIAT Spider Restoration: Stage 1


The family’s beloved roadster, the 1979 FIAT Spider 2000 that raised me is finally getting the treatment it deserves- an almost full restoration back to its original glory with a working roof, heater, and an absence of rust.

Dad dropped it off at our mechanic’s, an animated Italian fellow named Nino DeMayo (for real) who happens to have worked on FIATs since the days when they were still sold new here in the U.S.

Spiders are his passion, and he’s progressing nicely on ours.

Bumpers have been removed (for now), and a lot of rust has been cut out already.

By the end of the month, we’re expecting a new roof, functional heater (did I already mention that?), working tail lights, a fresh coat of paint and who knows- maybe even an inspection sticker.

It doesn’t look… too bad… as is, but I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out.  Stay posted.


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