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Secret Supercar: GTA Spano

For those who haven’t discovered Tumblr yet- you gotta get on that.

Once you set “supercars”, “suicide girls”, “military vehicles” and “bell & ross” as the tags you want to track you’ve got yourself a steady stream of sweet stuff to scroll through… forever.  The picture supply of our ever-expanding internet is quite literally endless, and Tumblr has effectively established itself as the go-to procrastination station for those who don’t want to be bothered with status updates or promotional Tweets.

Now that I’ve dialed in my account to pretty well reflect whatever’s cruising through my mind at any given moment, I’ve been shamelessly enjoying all the visual distractions the site has to offer every time I’m waiting for a Workaholics episode to buffer.

All the pictures of awesome watches and drifting E30’s are great, but I never realized the endless scroll of sexiness Tumblr delivers could also be educational.

Just the other day I was mindlessly pawing through the site when I had my first digital encounter with the GTA Spano.

Wedged between a wide-angle of two Ferraris street racing in Dubai and a black-and-white of Kate Upton was a high-res snapshot at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix of a spectacular modern sports car that I had never seen.

And what a sports car.  The face is big; less-angular than a Murciélago but tougher than an MP4-12C.  Tracing the body back reveals sweeping, but subtle lines- like a more tasteful rendition of a Saleen S7.  Think Daisy Duke in a dinner gown instead of jean cutoffs.  (How many comparative metaphors are you trying to stack here? -Ed.)

On top of all that the Spano features a panoramic sunroof that blends the windshield with the roof to complete the beautiful-simplicity vibe that the car commands.  Hell, even the GTA Motor badge is tight.

Why had I never heard of this car?  I thought I was on top of the scene, and yet here was unbelievable machine that I didn’t even recognize.

So how many great new microbrew automakers are out there that you haven’t heard of?

There’s a massive treasure-trove of sports cars, SUVs, and luxury vehicles built in super-limited quantities that most of us will never see and some we’ll never even here of.  And that just ain’t right.  These cars need to be experienced by the masses, if not in person then at least online.  Like full speed on an SS1000R or Sasha Grey.

In an effort to educate the masses on the exceptional machines of obscurity, I’m taking it upon myself to seek out the cars and motorcycles that even us auto enthusiasts might not have heard of- then and bring them to you with stats and a healthy dose of high res photos.

I’m not talking about the Paganis or Koenigseggs you can drive in Need For Speed.  I’ll be shining light on cars from companies like the Zenvo, Oullim, and Rimac that are unbelievably cool and you will probably never, ever see in real life in our new “Secret Supercars” series.

You’re welcome.

For now, back to the first vehicle in the series- the Spano.

Spanish F1 R&D lab GTA Motor has decided to bless the world with 99 examples of the supercar I started to describe in the top of this story.  You can see how sexy it is easily enough, but how well does it go?

Oh, don’t worry.  It goes.

Powered by a house-made 8.3 liter supercharged monster of a V10, the Spano belches out 820 horsepower that propels the 1350 kilogram car to 100 KPH (62 MPH) in less than three seconds and on top a top speed of over 217 MPH.

Those numbers will leave the pilots of Ferraris, Porsches and even plenty of motorcycles in the Spano’s rearview, scratching their helmets and wondering “since when the hell does Spain make supercars?”

Actually, that’s a pretty good question.

The Spano project began three years ago, when GTA Motor team manager Domingo Ochoa had a dream of his F1 team putting their design and development skills to work on a road car.  I mean, yeah.  Obviously that’s an awesome idea.

Apparently I’m not the only one who agreed, because the car’s launch in 2009 was a cosmopolitan affair in the city of Valencia attended by the region’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Innovation (how’s that for a title?) along with a some local motorsport celebs.

“I think we are before an automobile that will mark a ‘before and an after’ in the Spanish automobile history” said Ochoa, in a statement that I’m sure sounded sexier en Español.

Though not everyone left of the Atlantic knows this Spain actually does make quite a few cars, mostly sporty compacts that are popular in Europe but they have cooked up their share of sweet sports cars as well.  But that of course, is a story for another time.

GTA Motor has been in the racing game for about fifteen years, and pondering a road car for five.  With the finished product finally fired up and rolling out it’s pretty clear that they’ve taken the time to build something that will do their nation proud, and sure poses well for photos.


Everyday I’m Tumblr’n

Well, not everyday.  Can’t sit in front of the computer that long.  But has officially spilled into the world of Tumblr and is making a habit of aggregating great images I didn’t create but reckon you’d enjoy over there.

Sticking primarily to artistic photos of vintage cars and motorcycles for now, but you might catch the occasional supercar or Suicide Girl if you visit often enough…

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